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Tonight we started a new 4 issue mini series of adventure called "The Age of Iron." Now I've stated before that my universe didn't have an Iron Age since I'm not a huge fan of to many of the tropes of that era, including the use of guns, shoulder spikes, pouches, demons with guns shoulder spikes & pouches.... Pretty much anything for Rob Liefeld, Grant Morrison or Alan Moore came up with during that time period.

However some of my players had been bugging me about running something since my irregular game has been on hiatus for a while.... So I decided to run this mini series & utilise something I put into the main universe in my last session (something that got them interested in the idea that my universe does in fact have an Iron Age I was hiding from them).

In my normal game a book has been sweeping the best sellers lists. The book is called the Age of Iron, its billed as a true history of previously unheard of group of individuals who operated in the shadows in the 80's as much darker, much more severe heroes.... Its meant to be the true history of these individuals & the one fateful mission they all undertook when there paths crossed & they were never heard from again.

An so that's the adventure we are now playing. Anyway tonight was our first session & one of the players couldn't make it tonight due to family issues, so I decided to run a DMNPC, since I built the adventure for 4 players, not 3 (hopefully my 4th player will be back next week). Any way, we do the round table introduction of our characters, an when I get to introducing Dusk (my DMNPC) one of my players (one from the regular game) looks at me with an evil smile & says: I see what you did there.

Now I've not done anything clever to my knowledge, so I just keep silent & see what he thinks I've done. The player continues: "Dusk is obviously the precursor to Hornet." I'm still perplexed so I keep silent & let him fill the silence. "Well this is set in the 1980's, where as the other game is set in the mutable present. You mentioned that Dusk is the accidental inventor of Flex-Material & The Hornet also wears Flex-Material. Dusk wears gauntlets that fire shard projectiles some with different functions, so does The Hornet.... So I'm guessing that elements of the Hornet Suits designs are based on the design specifications for Dusks suit, since the Hornet is to young to be Dusk in a new costume."

Well gosh darn it if he hasn't created an idea worth stealing. I personally hadn't thought about it that deeply, but its exactly the kind of thing I pull & its exactly the kind of thinking I encourage at my table. So now that's a part of the canon of my universe.... It really feels good when that kind of thing pays off & players get into the continuity of the setting & its really something you can't do with a pre-published setting.

An the funniest thing is that looking at the stat design for both characters you can clearly see it, even though the two builds are very different thematically. Dusk is very much a "Prowler" rip off (from the pages of mid 90's Spiderman) & Hornet appears like a rip off of the Slingers character of the same name & yet when you look at the stats you can see it.

Dusks flexsuit gives a Defensive Roll, but The Hornets version is improved & gives full out protection. The Hornets also has the muscle flex fiber weave layered in, which Dusk doesn't, so that must be a new feature based on the old tech. As for the gauntlets Hornets are marginally more powerful, but have a lot less features, possibly due to the power constraints since they are linked into the same power source as his flight harness, something Dusk didn't have to worry about. But on the other hand Dusks gauntlets include a motorised grapple line to propel around the city & also to snatch up objects at a distance, a feature that was taken out of the Hornet version due to Hornet being able to fly.

Funny the things that player will come up with sometimes.

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